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    Make your voice heard in the fight against gun violence.


    Join the movement

    With your help, we'll be 1/4th closer to removing a gun off the street.


    Half way towards removing a gun

    Your $50 donation gets us half way towards removing a gun. Find a friend and finish the job!


    Remove a gun from circulation

    Your donation of $100 will remove a dangerous gun from circulation. That's one less gun that will be able to kill, injure, or threaten somebody.


    Take an assault weapon off the streets

    Your donation of $200 is enough to remove a military-style assault weapon off the streets.


    Major Funder

    Your $500 donation will remove five dangerous guns from circulation - that's enough to arm a small militia.


    Game Changer

    You will single-handedly remove 10 dangerous guns out of circulation - that's enough to have a transformative impact on our community.


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    Launch a Community-Funded Gun Buyback in DC


    Washington, DC is suffering its most violent year this decade. Many of us are frustrated and want to do something about it.  Well, now we can.

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    We're collecting email addresses as a "silent petition" to launch a Gun by Gun campaign in DC.  Once we have enough signatures, we're going to start raising money to host DC's first-ever community-funded gun buyback.  

    Every one of us will have the power to take a gun off the streets.

    We know that communities with fewer guns have less gun violence.  Let's join together to take guns off the streets of DC to make our community a safer place for our families in 2016. 

    Sign up now, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.  It's time we come take action to make our voices heard and make our city safer, gun by gun.

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