We give you the power to take Dangerous Guns off the Streets

Help make our communities safer and send a powerful message.

Don't wait for congress

A new approach to gun violence.

You can remove dangerous guns from your community to make a powerful statement with a tangible impact. With Gun By Gun, people from across the U.S. are taking action to prevent gun violence. Join us.

Take action for a safer America, gun by gun.

The First Ever Nationwide Gun Buyback

You have the power to take dangerous, illegal, and unwanted guns out of circulation. The time for action on gun violence is now.

49 Contributors
$3,344.01 / $10,000.00 Goal


Remove Dangerous Guns From New Haven

9 Contributors
$2,295.00 / $5,000.00 Goal


#onelessgun buyback

With an average donation of $20, it takes 5 Gun by Gun community members to remove one $100 gun at a time.

Just $31 to go until there's #onelessgun


Start your own buyback

Start a Facebook Fundraiser and work together with your friends and family to make a tangible reduction in gun violence.

5 friends @ $20 each = #onelessgun

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On average, 93 Americans are killed with guns every single day
Our community works to remove unwanted guns from homes and neighborhoods via gun buybacks
Research shows a 1% reduction in gun ownership in a community correlates to a .9% reduction
in gun deaths
We believe destroying unwanted guns is a tangible way to create safer homes and communities
Our buybacks have created more than a thousand gun free homes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Barbara

Join us in making our homes and communities safer,
one $100 gun at a time


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