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    You have the power to get dangerous guns off the street and make a tangible impact on the likelihood of gun violence in your community.

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    Our campaigns are powered by people like you. Join us and help launch a GunXGun campaign in your city.

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    Our mission is to empower people to make a tangible impact on gun violence without waiting for political action.

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A new approach to gun violence.

You can remove dangerous guns from circulation and make a powerful statement with a tangible impact. With GunByGun, people across the U.S. are taking action to prevent gun violence. Join us.

Take action, gun by gun.

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    How it Works

    We provide local volunteers with a turnkey system including technical tools, resources, and expertise to organize a community-initiated, community-funded gun buyback in their city.   

    1. Organize


    2. Crowdfunding Campaign


    3. Guns are removed

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    Our campaigns are led by coalitions of local volunteers who want to take action on gun violence. Join one of our active campaigns, or help us launch a campaign in your community. Once there is a team on the ground, we'll launch a campaign.   We work with you to raise funds for a gun buyback in your city through our crowdfunding platform. Anyone can donate, and all funds raised go directly to removing guns from your community.   We partner with your local law enforcement to operate a gun buyback according to best practices. Anyone in the community can turn in a gun, no questions asked. All guns collected are safely destroyed.


    The result: Safer communities.


    Our numbers to date

    safer_cmmties.pngYou have the power to make a tangible impact on the likelihood of gun violence in your community by removing dangerous and illegal guns from circulation.

    Decades of empirical data suggest that every 1% reduction in the rate of gun ownership translates to a 1.2-1.9% decrease in the rate of gun deaths in a community.


    5 successful campaigns
    4 cities
    $80,000 raised
    700 individual donors
    750 guns turned in
    400 homes gun-free


    Join us.

    We need the help of people on the ground to organize their community, build coalitions with stakeholders, and build local awareness of the campaign. Join us to begin taking action on gun violence in your community now.