December 2016

4 Years: Past and Future

Tomorrow, December 14, 2016, marks 4 years since the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. It was a shooting that shocked us to the core, and elevated the awareness of America's gun violence epidemic to unprecedented levels. 

In the 4 years since Sandy Hook, there have been more than 1,200 mass shootings and over 130k lives lost to gun violence in the United States. Despite these numbers and overwhelming public support, Congress has failed to take any meaningful steps towards addressing this problem.

With one of the most NRA-friendly administrations in recent history set to take office, the prospects for federal progress in the next 4 years are not looking good. The need for local, grassroots action to combat gun violence has never been greater. Progress will not happen unless we fight for it.

You can make an impact right now

Our partners in San Francisco, United Playaz, are hosting a gun buyback next weekend to honor the lives lost at Sandy Hook. You have the power to increase the impact of this event by making a donation that will go directly towards removing a dangerous gun from circulation through that buyback.

Every $100 donated = one less dangerous gun in circulation

The next 4 years will no doubt present a major challenge for Americans who are concerned about gun violence. We feel a renewed call to pursue our mission, and hope we can count on your support. We're working to refine our model to increase our scale and impact to even greater levels in 2017 and beyond. Thanks for being a part of the Gun by Gun community, and stay tuned for more!

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