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    New Haven / Hamden

    $3,980.83 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    Today, gun violence is an urgent public health and human rights issue in New Haven, and the city has seen dangerous levels of youth gun violence. According to a study conducted by the Community Alliance of Research and Engagement into six low-income neighborhoods of New Haven, 73% of residents have heard gun shots more than once; 19% heard them weekly or more. Roughly 30% report a family member or close friend had been hurt by violence. If, like us, you think these numbers are too high, please help our effort to end gun violence in New Haven.

    We have partnered with the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of New Haven, the Yale New Haven Hospital’s Injury & Violence Prevention Program, and Hamden Police Department. The next buyback is scheduled for February 15, 2020 at the Hamden Police Department. 

    Your donation will go directly towards funding this event, and taking dangerous guns off the street.


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    It's time to take action on gun violence.

    We help mobilize community-led, community-funded gun buybacks - giving you the power to take dangerous guns out of circulation. Gun buybacks help limit the access of gun by high-risk individuals, and reducing rate of gun ownership, which has a robust correlation with the rate of gun deaths.

    Join a campaign

    By donating to a campaign, you're joining with thousands of other Americans others who are fed up with the state of gun violence. Donations are pooled together and go directly towards funding an upcoming gun buyback.


    Guns are removed

    We work with law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and community groups who are implementing gun buybacks according to the latest best practices. All guns recovered through buybacks we fund are destroyed.


    Safer communities

    We know what gun buybacks effectively make homes gun-free. Decades of empirical data suggest that every 1% reduction in the rate of gun ownership translates to a 0.9% decrease in the rate of gun deaths in a community.


    The result: tangible progress, statement made.

    In addition to removing dangerous guns from circulation, your donation sends a powerful statement about the need for change. We know that gun buybacks won't end gun violence, and that reforms to federal gun policy are necessary. But we also know that we can't continue to wait for Congress to take action to address the epidemic of gun violence facing America.  

    Our apolitical and market-based approach enables immediate results, and creates a new opportunity to forge coalitions working toward the shared goal of gun violence prevention.

    Our numbers to date

    7 successful campaigns
    $110,000+ raised
    1,000 individual donors
    2,600 guns recovered
    1,000 homes gun-free


    Join us.

    We need the help of people on the ground to organize their community, build coalitions with stakeholders, and create local awareness of the campaign. Join us and together let's take action on gun violence in your community: 

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