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    Los Angeles

    $8,039.25 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    We are partnering with the Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LAPD on a gun buyback in Los Angeles on May 12, 2018!

    All guns recovered will be destroyed, making our community safer. You can join in this effort and take a dangerous, illegal, or unwanted gun off the streets of Los Angeles by donating now.

    Every $100 donated = 1 less gun in circulation

    We can no longer wait for change on gun violence. It's time for action.

    Donations made on this page go directly to a fund set up by the GRYD Foundation to fund this buyback, and are fully tax-deductible. 

    Thanks to our partners: Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the GRYD foundation.


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    Add my name

    Make your voice heard in the fight against gun violence.


    Join the movement

    With your help, we'll be 1/4th closer to removing a gun off the street.


    Half way towards removing a gun

    Your $50 donation gets us half way towards removing a gun. Find a friend and finish the job!


    Remove a gun from circulation

    Your donation of $100 will remove a dangerous gun from circulation. That's one less gun that will be able to kill, injure, or threaten somebody.


    Take an assault weapon off the streets

    Your donation of $200 is enough to remove a military-style assault weapon off the streets.


    Major Funder

    Your $500 donation will remove five dangerous guns from circulation - that's enough to arm a small militia.


    Game Changer

    You will single-handedly remove 10 dangerous guns out of circulation - that's enough to have a transformative impact on our community.


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