Nationwide Gun Buyback

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The First Ever Nationwide Gun Buyback

73 Contributors
$7,260.61 / $10,000.00 Goal

On October 1st, we experienced the most deadly mass shooting in modern American history, claiming the lives of 58 people and injuring nearly 500 more in Las Vegas. 

Congress hasn’t taken action to address the epidemic of gun violence, but we will. We've partnered with groups across the U.S. to collaborate on the first nationwide gun buyback, to get dangerous, illegal, and unwanted guns out of circulation.

Every $100 donated = 1 less gun in circulation

Through this campaign, you have the power to take a gun off the streets and send a powerful message about the problem of gun violence. 

How it works:

  • We're working with a coalition of groups on the ground in 6 states who are implementing gun buyback programs on December 16th.
  • All monies raised here go directly to these buybacks
  • The buybacks are being operated by law enforcement, as well as other local stakeholders (hospitals, community groups)
  • All guns recovered will be destroyed


Questions? Send us a note at [email protected]

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Who's donating

Who's donating: from Sausalito, CA donated. Thank you!


Add my name

Make your voice heard in the fight against gun violence.


Join the movement

With your help, we'll be 1/4th closer to removing a gun off the street.


Half way towards removing a gun

Your $50 donation gets us half way towards removing a gun. Find a friend and finish the job!


Remove a gun from circulation

Your donation of $100 will remove a dangerous gun from circulation. That's one less gun that will be able to kill, injure, or threaten somebody.


Take an assault weapon off the streets

Your donation of $200 is enough to remove a military-style assault weapon off the streets.


Major Funder

Your $500 donation will remove five dangerous guns from circulation - that's enough to arm a small militia.


Game Changer

You will single-handedly remove 10 dangerous guns out of circulation - that's enough to have a transformative impact on our community.

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